So, what is this place?

This is my blog! I am the Daft Monk, a passionate generalist who loves many things. However, at least in this blog’s case, I chose to focus on my pet project: a vast and expansive story tale of what I interpret to be the hidden backstory to the Golden Sun videogame series.

There are three worlds now?! What are the two new ones?

The ethereal spirit world, Ji, will contain several modestly sized continents, all floating in an opalescent mist called the Empyrean. Ji will be about the size of Gondowan in surface area, but will contain a gigantic tree, Laerad, on the central continent, with towns all up and down the trunk. The Anemoi live here, alongside powerful summons. The Isle of the Anemos, long since abandoned, is floating directly above this tree… it will be the final place you visit. Why is it abandoned? This is a tale you will discover soon enough…

The vivid, earthy world of the soul, Mu, will be the largest world; about 150% of Weyard. It will be a little like a steampunk Europe, in the late 1700’s: half civilized, with airships and Victorian-era everything, and half natural; with some amazingly wild and overgrown environments where Nature has taken control.

Although there will be many continents to explore, there will be two main (and very large ones): the Eastern continent of Kíramyn will be the home of the steampunk-like adepts, who, having a special talent for metal manipulation, call themselves “Metallon Adepts”. They use a combination of Earth and Fire psynergy to create their amazing works, all in the name of science and scientific discovery! The Sorüpel Range, a grand sierra along the eastern side of the continent, is home to a large mine where much ore is gathered, mainly by the fabled Dwarven of Ysørd.

The Western continent of Avönell will be quite sparsely populated, but is known to be inhabited by a colony of monks in the North, who live in two groups; one on the Northernmost mountain range, the De’naan Prominence, and one on the Nequísar archipelago just north of these mountains. There is an exception to this scarcity of people, and that is the city of Zårpos, located in the middle of an inland sea central to the continent. Avönell is largely a beautiful place of wild Nature, whereas Kíramyn is largely industrialized and built for progress.

Ask your question in the comments! My interview with Dracobolt may answer more questions, if need be.

~ Daft


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