My Favourite Mac Apps

Free Apps:


If you are a Mac junkie, you have no doubt heard about this jack-of-all-trades application launcher. It allows me to effortlessly navigate my Mac, accessing folders and applications in the blink of an eye (literally!). I highly recommend it.


The most used application on my Mac, without a doubt, is Skitch. This amazing little app lets you take pictures of your screen, whether window, frame, screen, or selection; then annotate with text, doodles, and more, then upload to their webservers (appropriately called “mySkitch”) where it can be seen online by anyone you wish. A must-have!


Transmission is a perfectly simple, yet surprisingly featured BitTorrent client. It has a great, clean UI, and does all you’d want it to. Definitely recommended!


Another well-known application, this mandatory piece of software plays all your video and audio files, whatever the format.


Likely the best news reader for OS X, NewsFire lets you handle your RSS feeds with ease and clarity.


Do you IM often? This great app lets you connect with your friends from AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and much more. You may never use Messenger again!

Proprietary Apps:


If you think Photoshop’s too expensive, Gimp’s too difficult, and the others are just knock-offs… wait ’till you try Pixelmator. It’ll get nearly all your image editing needs met, and do a beautiful job of doing so. Yes, this may be the most beautiful Mac app there is! Download the trial, and see if you can’t resist buying it 🙂