Musings on Web Design & More

Greetings readers. I realize my posts have been few and far betwixt, and I attribute this to third year Media Theory courses. Even now I should be writing my extended critique on Smallville’s application and appropriation of television technical theory, but am taking a break to gaze at lines of CSS and HTML in an attempt to better understand the Visual Formatting Model (my current dominatrix). I have found that I quite enjoy design, and could even be “good” at it if I apply myself. I attribute this possibility to years of computer customization, especially time spent on MacThemes Forums. Maybe, if I may be so bold, I have developed a taste for it.

Of course, taste is little without talent, at least when it comes to production (you’re safe, appreciators and -philes). So, put simply – practice and trials are in order. I very much look forward to them.

This is my first, current, nascent project; a website based on less-than-cerebral music reviews. By this I imply not poorly conceived, badly written anecdotes, but rather reviews based on metaphorically sublingual descriptions of residual emotional content bequeathed by (hopefully) good music. We shall see.

It is far from finished. But, it will get there eventually. Feel free to leave criticism/huge heaps of praise.

As always, I hope life is treating you decently.

– Daft


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