November + GS:DS Wishlist

Hey all! I hope your autumn hasn’t been too strenuous – mine has been at times, as I am enrolled in what basically amounts to your average Lit class on methamphetamines. I am enjoying my semester, though.

I’m sure some of you who read this blog are wondering “where the posts be at”, or if I’ll even continue posting at all. I must admit, hearing the Golden Sun DS announcement at E3 this year was a bit of a double-edged blade for me, as it did disappoint the part of me who was honestly hoping for a chance to be a part of its development process. Silly, I know, but… we must be allowed our colourful dreams, ‘else watch our worlds turn grey. 🙂

But, this hasn’t killed my creative spark for this project completely. I will continue my posting, starting today. I can’t promise regular updates due to my classes, but I’ll try to give you tidbits of what I’m working on/modifying/thinking about. For instance, here’s my personal wishlist for Golden Sun DS:

1. An Epic Backstory Reveal
As I’ve discovered from my own research, the Golden Sun series draws from an incredibly rich well: Hermeticism, focusing largely on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. My now somewhat obsolete GS3 plot, The Myth of Laerad, introduced a (potential) epic backstory to the player for the first time, in the form of the Wise One’s revelation that he was the last of a secret race who watched over humanity (read more of this here). I want the secret history of Golden Sun to be revealed in a similar fashion.

2. New World(s) & Content
In the Myth of Laerad, Weyard is still available and essential to the plot. However, there are two new worlds to explore, one above Weyard (Anemos/Ji) and one below (Mu). I desire the same amount of exploration and content in GSDS.

3. Vivid & Detailed
Admit it. You are almost embarrassed about how much you love Golden Sun’s soundtrack. Well, so am I.
In fact, following this confession, I am demanding something not-so-modest from Golden Sun DS. Said simply, I want the graphics to (at the very least) match the music.
“The game is amazing enough on its own, but the soundtrack masterfully manages to weave the unique tale of Golden Sun in our minds without visual crutch, but beautiful melodies alone. When the synth kicks in, [for example], I can’t help but see Vale in all its magical and archaic splendor, its golden straw rooftops reflecting the sun’s brilliant rays.”
– xRisingForcex
I once wrote in response to this excellent quote that “I honestly could not agree more. Songs like Aqua Rock, which aurally project the sense of water into our minds with such mystery and power, to songs like The Elemental Stars, which bespeak the magnificence of the cosmos in a simple melody, bring a kind of second sense to our experience of this series.” (I didn’t even get started on Garoh… or the various Overworld themes)

I desire that the landscape match the soundscape. Read this if you want clarification on the vivid detail part. Ah, perfect time to end with…

4. Motoi Sakuraba
Nuff’ said.



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