The Way of the Fire Serpent

I’d like you to examine some world myths. Yggdrasil, the Garden of Eden (or Hesperides), or even Buddha’s Bodhi tree, for example. Upon examination, you’ll notice they all contain serpents. Nidhogg or Jörmungander, coiled around the roots of Yggdrasil; the tempting serpent of the Garden of Eden, coiled around the Tree of Knowledge; (the guardian serpent Ladon of the Hesperides could also be referenced) and the great snake Mucalinda that protected Buddha so he could reach enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. For some great info on these myths, go here.

There is an amazing link connecting these myths with human ascension, and you know what it is?

The spinal column.

Let me tell you now of a type of energy, called Kundalini, for it will tie all my ramblings together. The term Kundalini literally means “coiled snake”. It is a type of energy said to be coiled at the base of the spine. Sound anything like a serpent coiled around a Tree of Knowledge?

^ Garden of Eden and the snake

^ Garden of Hesperides and Ladon

^ Yggdrasil and Nidhogg

These and the other myths with rods or wands instead of trees, such as the Sumerian legend of Ningishzeda and of course the Wand of Hermes (Caduceus), have obvious links with this “serpentine power” lying dormant at the base of the spine… tempting us to know ourselves.

The wings symbolize the awakening, the staff the spinal cord, and the serpents the forces of active equilibrium (duality).

The other symbol representative of this concept is the epitome of all occult magick – Baphomet.

From what I can interpret, the words on his arms are the Alchemical motto; Solve et Coagula, and the object portrayed in his lap is the Caduceus – appropriately positioned at the base of the spine.

Of course, part of my research (beyond just the philo-sophic interests) does influence my work on the Myth of Laerad. If you are discerning, you probably know that this study is already embedded in the story’s mechanics, for what is Laerad but the Tree of Life? What is the quest but the acquiring of the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge?

Also, according to many scholars, the “one commonality present among numerous serpent symbols is the representation of psychic energy.” (psynergy). The Way of the Fire Serpent is a recondite practice forgotten to the majority of the world… it holds the true secret to transcendent alchemy.

I will continue my research. This is part of my own quest, I know this now. I’m glad I can share this part of it with you, and I hope you enjoy the product as much as I enjoy the writing of it.


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  1. Ryder said,

    August 12, 2008 at 3:49 pm

    Is this actually all of your own research?
    I didn’t know you were actively examining and coming to your conclusions with this stuff. Keep it up

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