[Updated] Laerad Musings

I’m taking out the new elements I’ve proposed (Sol, Luna, Metallon & Aetherion). This brings up new complications but also could work, and I’ll tell you how:

– The people of Avönell would be a combination of Jupiter (Air) and Mercury (Water) Adepts, easily. I would even call them Zephyrians, since Zephyr is the God of the West Wind and Avönell is the Western Continent. The capital of Avönell is located on an island in an inland sea. (see map).

– The people of Kíramyn could be Venus (Earth) and Mars (Fire) Adepts, combining these two powers to use metallon psynergy (fire and earth, the forge, got it?).

So that’s that. The Isle of the Anemos (updated: Ji) will have to wait for its names. Thoughts?


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