[Update] Game Intro Cinematic, Part 1

Just after you hit “New Game”, and Kraden tells you of the legends of Laerad… this is what you’ll see.

The view pans from glimpses of the three worlds and brightens to a huge vista on Weyard as seen from the sky, fully animated and glorious, with a lone seagull flying down to oceans below. An amazing orchestrated remix of the theme is playing. The seagull flies down to the Lemurian ship, cresting the waves on its way back to Gondowan, and six of the heroic adepts are seen; Isaac at the helm manning the wheel, Garet talking with Mia on the starboard side, Sheba in the “crow’s nest” gazing towards land, and Jenna teasing Felix (likely about Sheba and him) on the bow of the ship. The adepts are returning after an excursion around Weyard to check on the world’s return to vitality.

Ship enters river mouth at the Bay of Lalivero. Sheba slides down to the deck, joined by Jenna and Felix.

Isaac (from wheel): “I can’t wait to see the new Vale! Do you think they’ve finished building?”

Garet: “Probably. When we left, our town hall was almost complete. That was three weeks ago!”

Jenna: “Something might have come up, guys. Let’s not get too hasty, okay?”

Mia: *laughter* “Don’t rain on the boys’ parade now, Jenna. In fact, I feel we may have a surprise waiting for us when we return.”

Sheba: “It’s a pity I never got to see your old village, Felix. But from what I’ve seen of the new one, I’d say you have reason to be proud.”

Felix: *smiles* “Yes. I think a new start is needed, for all of us.”

Ship docks near Vault Bridge, and the adepts disembark, heading across the plains to Vale. It’s been nearly two years since the events of The Lost Age. They talk about Piers and Ivan, wondering how they’re doing. Piers had gone back to Lemuria to a hero’s welcome, greeted warmly by everyone (even Conservato, though a bit begrudgingly). He was made an honorary member of the Senate, and his main hobby is telling the Lemurians of his adventures with the other adepts. Lemuria is a stagnant place no longer because of him. Ivan also returned to a hero’s welcome, but didn’t let it go at all to his head (Ivan is very humble), as he had other things on his mind. A burning desire had surfaced in him to learn about the legends of his ancestors, the Anemos. Why did they leave? What exactly was the reason for their departure?


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  1. April 18, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    […] This story, as you are probably aware, takes place in the underworld of Mu. The scenarios of Weyard and Ji are also being written at the moment, and you’ve actually seen previews for both of […]

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