Pendulum’s New Album – In Silico

I just had to post this, since I am enjoying the album so much. The official release doesn’t come out until May 13th, but a single has been released, called Propane Nightmares. I guarantee that this song will be a major summer anthem; it’s already one of the top songs I’ve listened to this year.

Most of the other songs are just as incredible. “Mutiny” is like punk rock mixed with D&B, and it’s awesome. “The Other Side” is wicked, I’ll leave you to hear it to decide for yourself. “9000 Miles” is a really cool track with an acoustic guitar; great driving song that leaves you with that expansive feeling of freedom. “The Tempest” is f**kin’ EPIC, with guitars and amazing vocals; strong candidate for my favourite on this album. The other songs are amazing too! IN SILICO: look for it, next week!

A note, however: hardcore drum & bass fans will probably not like this. It’s a new sound, far from pure d+b.

But, I agree with this random guy on YouTube: “Great way to end an album. I love In Silico, it’s different from Hold Your Colour but its a good different. They are moving on from their roots and now exploring.”


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  1. metaphear said,

    December 20, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    I first heard “Granite” years ago and it was amazing, to me at least, I showed a friend who didnt care for it, and my group was moving from alt rock to heavy rock and EDM, DnB, house, electro..
    I recently have wandered back to some of the bands I liked originally, and excitedly remembered Pendulum, bought In Silico, and wondered what on earth I had been thinking. (Tempest, 9000 Miles, Different, Showdown, Mutiny XD deserved to have been listened to within seconds of their release. Its nice to see a handful of grown-up GS players all fell in love with Pendulum at some point along the way!! 🙂 Be well. BTW how does it feel, sharing the same name as GS’s most devastatingly cool villain? 😉

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