The World of Mu [Part 3]

**Note: some of the concepts introduced in this post are now possibly obsolete.

Part 1,

Part 2,

As you may have noticed, I still haven’t worked out the last two elements that will be found in the underworld of Mu. I’ve been toying with a few… like metallon, the ancient “metal bending” that alchemists practiced centuries ago. The adepts that control this element would be proficient in ancient technology and mechanisms (think steampunk), but would also be able to alter the physical and chemical bonds of any metal, morphing it into any shape they choose. Metallon Adepts would even be able to embue their metals with consciousness, allowing for mechanical familiars.

But then the problem sets in… elements should be opposites, so what’s the opposite of metallon?

I’ve thought about having a group of monks, who are almost “Chi” (spiritual life-force energy) Adepts, employ this energy. They are ascended martial artists who can use it to perform incredible techniques, such as bi-location and invisibility, and more. Their respective Djinn allow these adepts to increase their power through further spiritual alignment.

Since I see spirituality and technology as near opposites (but oddly similar in some regard… that will be in the plot), “Spirit Adepts” would be a good conduit for the last “element”.

Both nations live quite differently, and each continent represents the people that live there quite accurately.

And now, I present to you, the geography of Mu (way better than it sounds):

Avönell, the Western Continent, is home to windswept plains and waterfall grottos, and at the top, the Nequísar Archipelago. The monks that live here claim these islands for their own, following a sacred spiritual tradition. The largest island is host to a grand monastery.

Kozírmyn, the Eastern Continent, is completely different. A highly advanced civilization of mechanists live here, most of whom are Metallon adepts, building grand cities with trains, bridges and zeppelins.

More points of interest:

  • The capital of Kozírmyn, Eloria, is located on the Bay of Demiurge, the largest bay in Mu.
  • Along the southern ridge of Kozírmyn is the majestic Sorüpel Range. The Sorüpel Mines tunnel through part of these mountains.

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