The Myth of Laerad – More Thoughts [Part 2]

*Note: some of these ideas are disputed, such as the inclusion of new elements. My final choice has not been decided yet on this matter.

Please read my first post on The Myth of Laerad if you haven’t yet.

As I write this, listening to the music of Golden Sun, I’m reminded of the majesty that the series embodies. I hope you enjoy my musings!

In general:

  • The opening cinematic: a incredible piece, showing the eight members who lit the elemental lighthouses atop the Lemurian ship, riding into the Bay of Lalivero on their way back to Vale (rebuilt). I’d like this to be set to an fully orchestrated remake of the “Karagol Sea” theme (or something completely new).
  • Over 100 hours long
  • Original parties are even more rounded out, plus the addition of 4 more characters (four of each element)
  • Djinn are much more detailed, and can obtain three differing levels of power.**

Notes on Weyard:

  • What was old is new again! Far from being abandoned, Weyard’s locations (most of them) are revamped and ready for rediscovery! But since most of previous fans have completely scoured its surface, it’s not a huge part of the overall plot. But part of it is.
  •  Most things to do on Weyard involve learning about the game, Laerad, and embarking upon new sidequests (lots). Also, Weyard serves as an axis mundi, a world axis (the connector of worlds). Plot elements I have thought of include: political strife as a result of alchemy being unleashed (it’s very likely) and another one, which I’ve thought about for some time: Alex returning after having found evidence of Mu and casting a psynergetic seal over the rebuilt Vale (two years after GS2), warning the townsfolk that after he returns from Mu, he will gain the power he was meant to have… and he will rule over both worlds. Problem is (for Alex), he doesn’t know about the Isle of the Anemos and Ji… he lives in duality, which explains the calculated, cold intelligence that he exhibits in The Lost Age.
  • Updated locales, even with extensions to some areas. Elemental lighthouses are mostly just tourist/scholarly attractions (no plot involvement), but can now give their respective (classical) adepts powerful new psynergy. As you may expect, other monuments in Ji and Mu will empower the other elements.
  • Mostly towns have been updated, not big dungeon areas (the lighthouses and the elemental Rocks are impossible to enter). Some towns have been extended (Shaman’s Village**) and offer familiar events (Colloso!), or provide provide familiar services (Sunny’s back, but no Taopo Swamp this time! [yes!] A completely new collection of materials, which stump poor Sunny, can be understood and malleated by two different blacksmiths, one in Mu and one in Ji.)

**Here’s an example of an updated locale: The Shaman’s Village. When you return here (it’s part of the plot), the fortune teller will introduce you to his long lost teacher, a master shaman, who will provide you with detailed information on each Djinn you have befriended. The Fortune Teller can give you hints on unacquired Djinn’s locations. They will also tell you of the village’s Elder, who had vanished many years ago, mentioning something about an “axis mundi”. You’ll end up finding him in Mu, and he’ll level up your Djinn for you depending on your level. You may have to give him a token as well.



  1. Alzeranox said,

    January 26, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    I have been a fan of GS for several years now and have figured all or most of it out on my own. Some things still stump me (The Treasures in the base of Bilibin… castle? If thats what you want to call it, but ill figure it out.) and I have played both games several times, and am curently going through it again.

    I agree with much of this, and while i may not fully understand the entirety of all of this, i have one or two suggestions. I dont agree with you finding more Djinni, I do believe thats all there were and are, however in my own ponderings over this series, figure that there may be a way around this. namely Adept Stones. (ie Mars Stone, Jupiter Stone, etc. These stones have no set ability, and you can’t use them in battle like you could individual Djinn, but you may still use them for unleases.) Also I do believe that one should be able to return and enter both the Lighthouses and the Elemental Rocks, for strengthening psynergy. I think there should be some new cities and towns, like on Hesperia. (Only Hesperian Settlement and Shaman Village?) As for the rest of this anallysis, I agree, for now at least.

    I thank you greatly for the study you have done, as you have inspired me to look a little furthar into such mythology and lore.

    (and more Dullahans/Durahans, those are from Irish Lore, and i believe there were more than one.)


    P.S. I may not be able to respond to any future comments as I am unable to check frequently. Thanks.

  2. daftmonk said,

    January 27, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    Hey, thanks for the comment! I agree with your musings, and appreciate that you enjoy the mythology and backstory as much as I do.

    I like the idea of new villages and towns, but they’d have to be reasonably founded and have an attached explanation.

    I must admit I desperately crave new Djinn, and I have to ask what your belief in their current quantity is based on. Is it because of the Anemos Sanctum?

    Anyway, I hope you find the chance to reply. It’s awesome being able to converse such ideas with other discerning fans! 🙂

  3. Alzeranox said,

    January 28, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    Thanks Daftmonk,

    I just wanted to correct myself in my above comment. At the time i couldn’t figure out why unleases didnt sound right, thats because what I was refering to was summons. (That was bothering me.) And further more, most of the above comment was strictly based on gameplay, not actual backround and/or storyboard.

    Okay! The villages and towns, I understand must have some reason behind them, and I believe that with the release of psynergy on the land, is perhaps reason enough, but no, there must also be more I realise, that may come later.

    As for the Djinni, yes, it was Anemos Sanctum.

    Im a bit short on time, so Im of for now, but ill come up with some more ideas later.


  4. Alzeranox said,

    January 28, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    Previouse comment continued…

    I believe that all the Djinni were found and that there are no more. I also believe that, and this is complete hypothesis, Anemos became the moon, but I can’t really back that up. It’s just, there is a huge crater right next to Contigo.

    Also I wonder about the political chaos of Weyard now that everyone has psynergy. For example, Lunpa and Kalay, does Dodonpa want revenge and has declaired was on Kalay, and what of Vault? Could they hold out in the crossfire? And what of elsewhere? There are plenty of other cities all over the map.

    Religion, econemy, and social issues are also big. And how big has Weyard gotten since the release of Alchemy on the world.

    Perhaps it’s a bit much, but im going to look into it.


  5. Daniel said,

    April 23, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    I would really enjoy if this were the actual concept behind Golden Sun 3. It may get too confusing at times if it were actually used, but other than that, it should make for an incredible game. Camelot really needs to hurry up and decide to make Golden Sun into the trilogy it deserves to be. Hey, why end there? This plot seems like it can be pretty drawn out, doesn’t it? Why not make Golden Sun have as many games as Final Fantasy? I say it should be done. Golden Suns One and Two were the best games I have ever played, hands down. I would LOVE to see the series expanded upon.

  6. daftmonk said,

    April 23, 2009 at 10:40 pm

    Daniel, that sounds very ambitious. Which makes me enjoy it very much indeed. 😀

    You’re right, it may get confusing. That’s the main problem I run into when developing this story, along with the mysticism. The story could be so large and expansive, with many evolving aspects. It might become hard to keep track of.

    And yes, I agree. Golden Sun 1 & 2 were the best games I’ve ever played, and I would love so much for the series to be expanded upon that I am creating it myself. Well, the unofficial version anyway.

    Alzeranox, those are awesome questions, in the original sense of the word. That’s the main reason I haven’t replied, because they require so much thought! 🙂 I do hope you’re still looking into such questions.

    Thanks for visiting guys!

  7. Alzeranox said,

    April 25, 2009 at 9:21 pm

    I havent stop thinking about them, and another thing i have recently thought of, while inspired by many rts and city simulators, why not, at the end or sometime in the middle of the game, found a city or take over one, and be able to plot out the progress of the city, it could even be a requirement to further the progress in the game.

    One of the problems I see with creating as many games as Final Fantasy is that in all of, or most of the games (I havent played most of them,) the landscape and world continually change throughout the entire series, and I like Weyard how it is. But if you kept most of the physical aspect of the game the same, then i agree, it would be interesting to see a large series revolve around Golden Sun. Good Idea Daniel.

    I hate to say it but i still disagree with adding another type of adept unless you revamp the entire system and add every combination of elements. Which just seems to me like going back to the Djinn and rearrangng them, and that in itself was also very tedious, so I also recommend revamping that system.
    Ill think about that also.

    Im glad someone is atleast attempting to further the progress of the Golden Sun series,

    Thanks for not giving up Daftmonk


  8. Alzeranox said,

    April 30, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    Here are a few of my ideas so far:
    1. I really like the idea of Lunpa attacking Kayley with their newfound powers of synergy, not knowing that Kayley has obtained them also.
    2. You leading the refugees of Vault out of the crossfire and founding a new city some ways away.
    3. If you have a more base adept from Mu, why not a more spiritual adept from Ji? The Ethereum adept, which is a combination of water and air elements.
    4. Perhaps the reason for Vale being taken by Alex is because, while rebuilding, the Valeans sought to reclaim what they could from Sol Sanctum, where they found Alex unconscious/comatose. They were the ones that nursed him back to health and so the coup occured.
    5. Garoh is finally opening up its boarders to foriegners and showing what they are in a plea for mercy. It could be your job to direct other cities attitudes towards them, securing the prosperity/destruction.
    6. This is closer to what I got right out of the game. Anemos is the moon, having used synergy to take off and also providing a home for Sheba. They might also have some more knowledge on lycanthopy do to their causing the Garohans to change. A cure perhaps? …(Is lycanthopy a disease?)
    7. They way I see Ji is not just higher up in the clouds, but in an entirely different dimension. Hence the tower no actually being a tower.

    Just a few ideas
    Hoping to Inspire

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