A Conversation

“What gives something power?”

“Well… I guess whatever gives it definition, however it is transcribed from potentiality to physicality.”

“Makes sense. Define definition.”

“The limits that give an object its properties.”

“Okay. What about people?”

“That’s a bit harder. We are alike to objects in most ways excepting that we are able to consciously shift our current definition of anything in our field of awareness; ourselves, others, objects, and so forth. In this way, reality is very much subjective.”

“Agreed. In fact, what room is there for objectivity in such a subjective universe?”

“It is from the physically specific, limited by the rules established by reality, that we may derive personal interpretation. An object becomes meaningful from what we make of it, however, so it all links back to subjective awareness and experience.”

“So objectivity allows for variety in experience between sets of awarenesses?”

“Yes, exactly.”



  1. Alzeranox said,

    October 4, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    That was fun to read, but some background would be helpful, are these your own musings from multiple perspectives or is this a conversation with someone other than yourself and these are the results. Either way, I sometimes find myself in this situation where I see everything around me from an out of body experience, and consequently contemplate creation in a manner similar to this.

    • daftmonk said,

      December 5, 2010 at 11:36 am

      I find myself in similar situations – this was such an example. The best word I can find is “channel” – I felt this piece just come out of me. I still do not understand it.

      Also, the one thing that remains ironically undefined is the starting subject; power. I’m not sure why I chose this word.

      Regardless, this is a piece I wrote in five minutes and never understood. However, I feel it has powerful meaning, and often return to its central concept and/or the concepts surrounding it in other works I write.

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